3 gorges dam collapse simulation

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3 gorges dam collapse simulation

Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. O-T Lounge. Page 1 of 4. Collapse Simulation The linked video simulates the consequences of a total collapse of the Three Gorges Dam during the rainy season. Replies Options Top.

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Replies 2. Now, are there any dam questions? Replies 0.

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Is a collapse imminent? What are the chances it does collapse? They probably just left them in there, typical. Interested to see how the Chinese gov't tries to cover the story when the dam does eventually collapse. Got to the part where it said Wuhan would take on water 10 hours out from the collapse and figured that would come full circle with this. George Member since Jul posts. Been to all of those cities mentioned and Donting and Poyang Lakes. It is an extremely populated and industrial area.

Yichang alone was 6 million people. Nothing but respect for her. Replies 1. Someone the other day randomly asked me to name two structures that hold water I was like well damn. That sucks for the Chinese peasants, but anything that sets China back billions or trillions is a positive in my book. Jump to page. Missouri In Columbia. LSU vs. Missouri TV Commentators Announced.

Updated College Football Rankings - Week 5. All Rights Reserved.Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. O-T Lounge. Page 3 of 4. Is that a legit simulation? I'm unfamiliar with how much water it is holding back. This would definitely happen in the rainy season. The areas it would flood are very saturated during that time and experience flooding on their own without the dam breaking.

It's the largest dam in the world. It holds back continent changing amounts of water. It also sits on a fairly active seismic fault I think. Replies 1. Options Top. Replies 0. It altered the rotation of the earth by a measurable amount.

BlackAdam Nicholls St. Fan Member since Jan posts. My money would be on Laird if he could get set up for a shot at it. I hope they have a chinese equivalent to Pavloco maybe not right like the OT had in WhiskeyThrottle Member since Nov posts.

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Read an article about the importance of the Yangtze River. Apparently it traverses a path that is difficult to navigate any other way than the River. They move trillions of dollars in supplies up and down the river. Trying to cover the same distance on the ground takes a week or two longer than by the River. Humans and Americans are resilient, so we will find a way to deal with the hurdles that come from a dam collapse. The part that does affect the globe is the nuclear plants in the line of the river.A simulation of the collapse of the 3 Gorges Dam has been released on Chinese social media.

More to follow. On Tuesday, 21st JulyChinese financial news site Caijing Lengyan released a controversial video that simulates the devastating flooding that would occur if the vaunted Three Gorges Dam collapsed.

The video shows the path the wall of water might take and includes estimates on the speed, depth, and reach of the floodwaters all the way to Wuhan.

A review of its DNS lookup seems to indicate that this is not an official source of China. The 3 Gorges Dam has about 12, sensors located in its structure. If there was an imminent dam collapse, the 3 Gorges Corporation, which is the Company in charge of running the dam will definitely know about it. Currently, our conclusion is that this is a hypothetical simulation without any evidence to point that the Chinese authorities intentionally released the video to Caijing Lengyan in order to provide an advance warning.

This is because Caijing Lengyan is a rather critical news site and not part of the official or unofficial media apparatus of the Chinese Government.

There is also no corroboration or follow through of this on other unofficial channels of the Chinese Government yet. However, this belief will be updated if we detect any hint by official or unofficial channels of the Chinese Government that they believe a collapse to be imminent.

Once seepage is uncontrollable, the soil on which the dam is anchored may start to behave as a Non Newtonian Viscous Fluid in a term called liquefaction.

The key term in all of this is not distorted but leaked. As usual the Chinese authorities say everything is ok and within bounds. What is this leaking? Is it water breaking through the concrete wall, pouring through the dam structure and gushing out of the other side? The leakage of the dam is about the seepage that is happening through the soil.

3 gorges dam collapse simulation

Now that is super dangerous because it tells us that the Chinese authorities recognize there is a problem. Seepage underneath the dam is not something you can fix. Worse, it portends the liquefaction of the soil above which the entire dam structure rests. Essentially, once the soil loses its ability to sustain the weight of the dam due to the shear force acting through the soil particles, the soil becomes like quicksand. The dam fails catastrophically and suddenly.

What makes this threat imminent is the news that the dam is not anchored to the bedrock of the Yangtze river. Readers have been warned. Alerts from China goes like this. When China raises a flood alert level, it means the water is already at your waist. Second is to address a pertinent point by reader Snake Oil Baron. He points that the structure is sitting on the bedrock as opposed to being embedded in the bedrock. There is also a comment by reader Danny Archer who cites a Daily Mail article which includes comments by the Chinese authorities refuting any imminent danger to the structure of the dam : Read it here.

This is a key point which brings us to a further in depth explanation on how we came about to this Red Alert warning. Keep in mind forthe predictions we have made so far are.

Now to give some background on all the factors we took into account prior to initiating this Red alert warning. A 3 Gorges Dam project was shrouded in controversy, most notably for corruption, of which is endemic in China and that the dam was certified by those who built it.

This last point is important.

Devastating China flooding puts controversial Three Gorges Dam under new scrutiny

B Current water level in 3 Gorges dam reservoir is m. Design limit is m.Such would be a generational catastrophe that could potentially overshadow even the global pandemic.

While the middle of the year is typically the rainy season for the country, the downpour this year has been among the strongest in decades and has continued unabated past its usual annual conclusion in mid-July. Floods feature prominently as turning points in Chinese history. The worst flood in recorded human history also occurred in the Hubei area inkilling upwards of a million people. Had the dam never been built, there is little doubt that the death toll from this current crisis would be far higher than it is.

Yet grand infrastructure, meant to protect and sustain local populations, can create catastrophe if it fails. On the flipside, the dam is holding back energy equivalent to several hundred nuclear bombs, and contains enough water to wipe out the entirety of Hubei province were it to collapse. Ultimately, Wuhan with its population of 10 million would be battered by waves up to seven meters in height.

The worst-case scenario described above, in which the dam simply crumples and releases its entire reservoir at once, is virtually impossible barring an act of God. The bad news is that evidence is beginning to emerge that substantial parts of the dam have been experiencing structural deformity in recent years and may be under critical stress during this recent downpour. An image comparing satellite photographs of the dam in andsupposedly showing parts of the top bending, has been making the rounds on social media.

This year, however, a few unfortunate words from Chinese officials combined with the record rainfall have sent speculation into overdrive. Though no specific reference to the Three Gorges Dam was made, the term proliferated among observers bracing for disaster.

As flooding intensified, it was revealed that smaller dams were already failing — Reuters published a remarkable piece earlier this week in which their reporters visited the location of a reservoir in Guangxi province and discovered firsthand that the meter long dam had imploded and poured its contents onto surrounding villages. Beijing has mostly reacted by issuing a series of denials and insisting that the Three Gorges Dam is still far below capacity.

Such an admission is unlikely to be comforting to anyone. When will Chris Wallace apologize to Katie Pavlich? More than Read More. This week it's all the rage among the legacy media President Trump said it directly in his Newport News rally Here comes the Bogeyman! Joe Biden is not a good guy.

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They have been saying it's going to collapse for a couple months now. It needs to either shite or get. Replies 1. It seems very unlikely that the entire width of the dam would collapse at the same time like it is shown at the beginning of the video. The Chinese proletariat doesn't deserve it, but sometimes you have to break some eggs to make a delicious, satisfying omelette. Uhhmm dogmeat omelette! What are the global implications of this? Replies 2. It is really unfortunate that a country who unleashed a bioweapon on the world in response to a trade war is going to have hundreds of thousands of its citizens wiped out by a flood.

This could be devastating to the entire world from a supply chain standpoint. They have it flooding cities miles away. Is that a legit simulation? I'm unfamiliar with how much water it is holding back. If part of it collapses, the pressure would break open a large portion of it. It would be really, really bad.

I wish we could evacuate everyone in the lowland and blow that fricker up.

3 gorges dam collapse simulation

Erase part of China and give the Earth that land back. Jump to page. Missouri In Columbia. LSU vs.

3 gorges dam collapse simulation

Missouri TV Commentators Announced. Updated College Football Rankings - Week 5. All Rights Reserved.She also has a passion for many of the countries in Southeast Asia. For years she wrote editorials in outlets such as The Washington Post, reporting on issues in the region and was considered an expert on the subject.

In the mids, it became more difficult for her to publish pieces in the corporate media outlets. Moynihan believes this is because she is a critic of the Chinese Communist Party CCP and an advocate for Tibet and the rest of the region.

She has traveled extensively throughout the region and maintains contacts throughout Southeast Asia. Moynihan is actually a very harsh critic of the CCP and is issuing warnings about severe environmental and humanitarian threats throughout the region for two reasons. First, the immediate danger caused by the potential failure of the Three Gorges Dam.

There have been sporadic news reports about the historic level of flooding in China, mostly from foreign outlets. There are even fewer stories about how this poses a threat to the Three Gorges Dam.

The dam was positioned as an engineering marvel upon completion. According to Britannica :. When construction of the dam officially began init was the largest engineering project in China. At the time of its completion init was the largest dam structure in the world. It was built to provide a large reservoir for shipping traffic and to protect millions of people in Hubei province from the periodic flooding of the Yangtze River.

Eventually, it also added the ability to generate hydroelectric power with 32 turbine generators. The construction of the dam was debated for decades.

The World Bank refused to finance it. Flooding, in spite of the dam, has destroyed over 1, sites of historical and archeological importance. Potential dam failure will cause unbelievable damage beyond the province. This video was taken after the third flood this year.

( [3 Gorges Dam] Simulation done by Secretly ) "Vast Ocean" inland.

There have now been five. It documents the damage as of late July and provides a simulation of what could happen if the dam fails:. After the fifth flood insome social media commentators are alleging that cracks are visible in the structure.

These reports cannot be confirmed.

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A collapse threatens America too. Not with floodwaters, of course, but with pharmaceutical production. At this point, the CCP denies any issues with the dam despite the reported internal destruction and displacement. However, a sudden collapse could leave Americans and people around the world without lifesaving and life-sustaining medication, according to Moynihan. Moynihan does a beautiful job detailing the history and environmental importance of the Tibetan plateau. The pictures she displays of her travels are just breathtaking.

She also describes the humanitarian and ecological impact of the CCP takeover. Because of the elevation of the plateau, the CCP has a military advantage in the region. They have militarized the area to an incredible degree, according to Moynihan, with thousands of barracks and other installations.

She says that with the military equipment on the plateau, China could hit the capitals of South and Southeast Asia in 20 minutes.Raw video: House collapses into river in Guangxi region of China after heavy flooding in the area.

But after weeks of devastating floodingquestions are being raised about the Three Gorges Dam's impact on Yangtze floods and if the massive structure itself may be at risk. The Three Gorges dam is discharging flood. The dam has come under new scrutiny after devastating flooding over the past few weeks.

The Three Gorges Dam was completed officially in Some 1. The dam also was touted as the best way to end centuries of flooding along the Yangtze and provide power for China's industrial boom. But some geologists contended that damming up too much water in the reservoir carried a heightened risk of earthquakes and prolonged damage to the river's ecology.

Three Gorges Dam: the price to pay for the world's largest hydroelectric dam

Rescuers evacuate residents on a raft through flood waters in Jiujiang in central China's Jiangxi province July 8. Chinatopix Via AP. Critics of the project, like Chinese geologist Fan Xiao, have said that Three Gorges and other major dam projects may make flooding worse by altering the flow of sedimentation down the river.

He told Reuters that at Three Gorges, the storage capacity amounts to less than 9 percent of average floodwaters. Damage from this season's floods has been estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, further pressuring an economy deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Residents swim past a riverside pavilion submerged by the flooded Yangtze River in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province July 8.

Hubei province, through which the Yangtze flows, is known for its numerous lakes and rivers and is under particular threat.

China Is Creating Crises in Asia That Americans Know Nothing About, Free Tibet Activist Says

The province's capital Wuhan was the epicenter of China's coronavirus outbreak. In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese paramilitary policemen form a line to move sandbags to reinforce a dike along the banks of Poyang Lake in Poyang County in eastern China's Jiangxi Province, July On Friday, a resident in Wuhan south of the dam posted a video showing that the Yangtze River was well above average, even though it hadn't rained recently, the Nikki Asian Review reported.

Residents in the Yangtze River basin in recent weeks have expressed concerns over the ability of the massive dam to handle more heavy rain, even though authorities have been releasing floodwater from the structure. CGTN claimed that it "effectively relieved the pressure of flood control on the middle and lower reaches of the river.

Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. House crashes into river after heavy flooding in China Raw video: House collapses into river in Guangxi region of China after heavy flooding in the area. What is the U. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.


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